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Where does my £1.50 go?


When an order is made £1.50 from your order goes to epilepsy society. However this does not go directly to the charity. So where does your £1.50 go? 

Each month the manager of this small business calculates how much money is needed to transfer to the charity Epilepsy Society. The manager adds up every £1.50 from each order of that month and transfers the money over to her personal Justgiving page using her bank transfer details.

The owner of this business will then add the money to her Justgiving page with the title being of that month. If there is months missing that means there were no orders made that particular month.

Owner has made sure that you, her followers and supporters can view the Justgiving page to see how much money we are raising for epilepsy society each month. owner has even made it so that if you wish to donate more money you can. you can also read about the owners story and about the charity you have donated to.

Your order can help spread awareness for epilepsy and raise money at the same time. your £1.50 could go to help the epilepsy hotline for people in need, or to help find better research for epilepsy and seizure control.

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