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I am always here to chat if you want someone to talk to or to just listen to you. I am no professional but I know from experience that just talking to someone can help loads. I have also created a group on Facebook called Purpledayss, anyone can join and talk about their situations and experiences anonymously or openly and make friends with each other through the group


Check this out

How trauma can affect the Brain in different ways.

Some important information on mental health and how trauma can affect people in different ways after injuries and a diagnosis.

Call if you need help

Rethink Mental Illness Helpline

rethink mental illness has a number of helplines which offer emotional support and national service.

Epilepsy Society's Helpline

Epilepsy Society have a helpline open five days a week Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm (Wednesday 9am to 7:30pm) and you can also reach them via email at


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