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Get Involved!

There is so much you can do to help the epilepsy community​ and we cant do it alone, we need your help to make the epilepsy community bigger and better, to show everyone that all hidden disabilities matter. Whether you or a loved one have epilepsy or you are just passionate about it you can all get involved in helping those with the condition. National epilepsy awareness month encourages both awareness and involvement over the world each year. Here are some of the many ways you can help educate yourself and others and spread awareness for epilepsy.

What can I do to help spread awareness?

  • Learn about epilepsy

  • Learn seizure first aid

  • Donate to an epilepsy charity

  • Join a volunteer group

  • Participate in a walk

  • Spread awareness on social media

  • Using hashtags

  • Wear purple or a ribbon

  • Read and share information

  • Subscribe to epilepsy foundations

  • Get involved and volunteer

  • Participate in trends and national events

  • Honor and remember loved ones by giving in memory

  • Volunteer at epilepsy centers 

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